Locksmith Keys

Noted Quality
One of Las Vegas' highly recognized locksmith is Locksmith Las Vegas. We are well known and noted for our impeccable services, our expert staff, and for the extensive supply of locksmith keys and key types we keep in stock. With these attributes, we are able to provide the most complete key cutting service in the Las Vegas area.

Our Keys
We have every kind of key you could ever possibly need, including older locks or antique keys. We will assist you with any special requirements you might have.

Even though we carry an extensive variety of advanced high security keys and security keypads for your home, we are fully stocked in standard house keys as well.

The basic house key, the most common type of key, works thanks to the grooves on the key that slide into a matching lock cylinder and align the pins with the cylinder. Then, the cylinder itself turns inside the lock. The lock is then easily opened; it’s as simple as that.

To acquire more information about our large key collection, contact us without delay.

Duplicate, Repair & Re-Key
It is fairly easy to have a standard key duplicated. Any locksmith can duplicate a standard key for you, and there is no special identification or official authorization required. Often, a provided serial number gives access for duplication.

We offer a wide range of key support tasks including several kinds of locksmith key machines provide you with your key duplicate on the spot, key repairs and re-key services. If you are in or around the Las Vegas area, we are available to be of assistance to you.

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